Liverpool Comedy ImprovCast

Episode 28 - James Fennell - Autism in Improv

Episode Summary

James is an autistic improviser who gives us an open and insightful look into what it’s like to be an improviser with autism. He is a regular at Glossop Improv (which is the place he feels most comfortable), but he has tested the water at Liverpool Comedy Improv in recent times and he tells us all about how hard that was for him and why it’s such an achievement that he felt like he could spread his wings in the first place. James tells us how improv just seemed to find him when he needed it most and how it has positively impacted his life in the time he has been doing it. The improv community has really embraced him and given him a place to be open and honest about who is truly is and hopefully this chat can help to inspire you to do the same.